• My future plan 不要轻易放弃。学习成长的路上,我们长路漫漫,只因学无止境。

      My future plan          Everyone dreams about the future. Someone ants to be a doctor because he/she hopes to help people. Someone wants to be a basketball player because he/she is good at sports . someone wants to be a pianist because he/she hopes to make the piano for the whole world.          I like reading English teacher. Learning or reading is very interesting 万博官网客户端秉承以客户为中心的宗旨,万博娱乐游戏是亚洲最大实力超群的动漫娱乐门户网站,万博平台为你提供各类好玩的单机游戏下载,万博平台拥有完善的游戏平台,万博官网信誉好,各种充值返水,彩金活动提醒 .you can learn a lot of knowleges o them. They are magazine, newspaper…万博官网客户端秉承以客户为中心的宗旨,万博娱乐游戏是亚洲最大实力超群的动漫娱乐门户网站,万博平台为你提供各类好玩的单机游戏下载,万博平台拥有完善的游戏平台,万博官网信誉好,各种充值返水,彩金活动提醒… when I was a young girl, Imy dream was becoming a teacher. Our country need to lots of teacher. The teacher will cultivate more good studengts in the future. I believe if I hardly to learn, my dream will come ture.          I know it won’t be easy for me to become a teacher, but I will try my best to learn. Nothing is impossible.